Warren says she was trying to end Bloomberg’s campaign

Warren says she was trying to end Bloomberg’s campaign

Soon after she announced quitting the presidential race, Sen. Warren confirmed that she was trying to end Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign through her attacks on him in the primary debates. ’He was absolutely the riskiest candidate for Democrats on that stage’, Warren said in an interview with MSNBC pointing to matters including ’history with women, embracing racist policies’.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 3 months

Sounds like pure misandry to me. Maybe Pelosi can weigh in on this one.

Craig 3 months

Will Warren support Tulsi Gabbard mounting the debate stage in Arizona? Does Warren actually support indigenous women seeking leadership roles... I bet you $1 Warren won't make a peep to support a first nation woman being blocked by the DNC changjng debate entrance rules, again, at the last moment. Warren is, simply, a sham and her silence on this issue will, again, prove that Warren is a sham.

Mutatis 3 months

Does Warren ever tell the truth?

Sir_Kutz 3 months

She didn’t do shit. Nobody listens to her. Mike killed his own campaign.

Innerparty 3 months

She is trying desperately to give some meaning to her pathetic career.

chellop 3 months

On the list of presidential candidate priorities, that’s what she thought was important? At least start with Sanders... or yourself.

Roadhog 3 months

Translation: not woke enough.

Seekster 3 months

Let's be honest here, America was trying to end Bloomberg's campaign.

No Signal
No Signal 3 months

Didn't she just say that she wasn't allowed to win because of sexism? who's the sexist now? Could it be that every idea and candidates of the dnc are terminally stupid.

Andrew Nigo (Nytro)
Andrew Nigo (Nytro) 3 months

How is Bloomberg "risky"? Practically all the Democratic nominees have done is repeat the same shit over and over to some degree.

Sigfried 3 months

lol. Even Pocahontas saw the Mikey is worse than Trump. Maybe Scarecrow does have a brain.

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