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US trade deficit falls 6.7% in January

US trade deficit falls 6.7% in January

US trade deficit narrowed more than expected in January as imports declined. As per the Commerce Department, the trade deficit dropped 6.7% to $45.3 billion. The trade deficit with China increased 5.1% to $26.1 billion in January, with exports tumbling 18.7% and imports falling 1.2%.

Seekster 7 months

Overall good news.

Jim Boi
Jim Boi 7 months

Are you tired of winning?

Dank Duck
Dank Duck 7 months

There is a slow but steady change of manufacturing industry being moved out of China, some to other Asian countries, others returning to their native economies. The global supply chain will take a short time to adjust, but it is well on its way. This is mostly bad news just for China, as they are losing their stronghold.

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 7 months

Just think about how bad this whole COVID 19 economic squeeze would be if we hadn’t been on this track already...

anthony 7 months

I wonder if this is related to the Corona Virus's impact on trade, Trump's trade policies or a combination of both.

..... 7 months

Like I've always told you. If everyone stays away from China they will crumble. They cannot self sustain. The more we pull out the nastier they will become the more people will realize. Right now they are telling their people that the virus was from America. Next, they will say it was so that China couldn't meet agreement stipulations and that's why they shouldn't be punished (they always knew they would break contract.) they will play victim and claim racism. You watch and see I haven't been wrong yet.

AntiBS 7 months

And now we're waiting for the left-wing retards to explain this away.

Rational 7 months

Another feel good BS number for the politicians to feel good about and brain wash the gollible masses.

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