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World’s busiest spaces emptied due to Coronavirus

World’s busiest spaces emptied due to Coronavirus

The impact of the outbreak of Coronavirus has been revealed through the aerial images of famous holy sites and capital cities. The images have revealed spots which are normally bustling with people such as Mecca to Beijing being thinned of people after the outbreak.

porcus 5 months

Sterilization of that place is long overdue. The meteorite enshrined there is black from all the mouth bacteria left from people kissing it by the hundreds of thousands.

npc8472 5 months

Sterilization via nuking it from orbit is the only way it would really work.

Crimson Jester
Crimson Jester 5 months

the only way to properly sterilize the place would be to burn it into radioactive ash. Barring that this is at least a start

Jim Boi
Jim Boi 5 months

No no no, Allah will protect you no need to worry.

Indo 5 months

Good go home n think afore ya start kissing n Makin out. Give population increments a real good n very long needed rest. Thank u universe for this

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