Trump tours tornado-ravaged Tennessee

Trump tours tornado-ravaged Tennessee

President Trump visited Tennessee on Friday in the wake of the recent devastation following deadly tornadoes. Trump landed in Nashville, before departing for Cookeville where 18 residents died and dozens were injured. At least 24 people are estimated to have died across the state. ’We love them. They’re special people. It’s an incredible place, incredible state, tremendous heart’, Trump said.

Rocky 3 weeks

Very grateful for Trump's visit today. I spent the whole day downtown cleaning up neighborhoods and repairing roofs. It's amazing the amount of people coming together to help. Dozens of free hot meal locations, people cleaning up in whatever compacity they can. I had a pharmacist on a roof with me today helping out. So many trees we downed and ones that were already down that we cut up and removed from homes and yards. Extremely heartwarming to see the community come together!

Pj 3 weeks

Good shit trump ignore the npc's and there echo chambers

Cheri Carter
Cheri Carter 3 weeks

And he was so busy he couldn't get there until Friday? Don't say it was because he was dealing with the Coronavirus, because all he was doing with that was putting out MISINFORMATION to the public and MINIMIZING its seriousness. Trump was aware of the Coronavirus being in the U.S. in January, and what did he do to help prepare for it -- ZERO.

Skeptic 3 weeks

He showed less love for Puerto Rican hurricane victims.

Robert 3 weeks

Trump's lip service. He has no credibility at all.

IvoryDove 3 weeks

I was waiting to see the complaints about wearing his KAG hat and "politicizing a tragedy".

J 3 weeks

if you caught his take on this virus, AMERICANS can SEE FOR THEMSELVES, this guy is USELESS, watch How INTELLIGENT and INFORMED EXPERTS provided takes on this, and he STANDS with Hands in his pocket, and have you BELIEVE "he cares", with that STOIC look..hell, he mentioned EVERYONE who needs one will get one..?hope that's you

The Raven
The Raven 3 weeks

did anyone get a lose a boat? whose boat is this boat? well, at least you get a free. oat out of the deal.

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