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Inventor of Post-it Notes adhesive dies at age 80

Inventor of Post-it Notes adhesive dies at age 80

The inventor of the adhesive Post-it Note died. Spencer Silver was 80 and died May 8 at his home, the family’s obituary stated. Silver was working in a company lab in 1968 when he discovered a unique adhesive formula. The adhesive allowed notes to be easily attached to surfaces, removed and even re-posted elsewhere without leaving residue like other glues.

John 0 months

I share a desk/work station with a day shift dispatcher who thinks post-its are meant to replace Word Documents, spread sheets, dry-erase boards, digital address books, greeting cards, business cards, toothpicks, Kleenex, paper towels, window curtains, etc...She will be truly saddened by this news. I suspect she'll send her condolences to his family...on a sticky note

coughdrop1989 4 weeks

Best invention ever.

Silence Dogood
Silence Dogood 4 weeks

Who cares?

Brett Ellis
Brett Ellis 0 months

Was his eulogy read off post-it-notes?

GUYIVKS 0 months

His wife came home and found him stuck to the fridge.

Shono 4 weeks

He got the vaccine didn't he ?

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