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Brawl over toilet paper in Sydney supermarket

Brawl over toilet paper in Sydney supermarket

Following a video which showed three women fighting over toilet paper in an Australian supermarket on Saturday, police have called for calm. The video showed three women pulling each other’s hair and screaming as they struggle over a large pack of toilet paper in the aisle of a grocery store in Sydney. Supermarket chains have been assuring customers amidst a panic around the coronavirus scare.

Watcher 5 months

It's confirmed corona virus is a scam to sell more toilet paper!

porcus 5 months

Jeez, that's retarded. Just go to a different store to get some. Or buy some paper towels. Maybe pick up some perspective while you are there.

Todd 4 months

smearing poo with paper is wasteful dumb and not hygienic we should use a hose with trigger attachment just like everyone uses in south east asia.

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