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Colonial Pipeline paid hackers nearly $5M in ransom

Colonial Pipeline paid hackers nearly $5M in ransom

According to reports, Colonial Pipeline paid nearly $5 million to hackers after a crippling cyberattack that shut the largest fuel pipeline network in the country. The company paid the ransom in untraceable cryptocurrency within hours after the attack. There’s been no confirmation on the same from Colonial Pipeline. The hackers provided a decrypting tool to restore the disabled computer network.

Butch 0 months

Quick question here, why is this disclosed to the public? Are we now setting a precedent that will encourage other hackers?

JakeN 0 months

5M is nothing, hire these guys and pay another 5M to fix the hack too. Shit security in such an essential service is unacceptable.

George 0 months

This had better be a joke. This was a national security level attack and should be investigated as such. The responsible parties MUST pay a price.

Beck70 0 months

Paying the ransom guarantees that more of this will happen. Other hackers will see this as a opportunity to make bank.

TheOtherBiden 0 months

Ransom attacks are terrible. The US needs better NetSec. I don't blame the company for paying the ransom but it sends a message that we as a nation are not going to like in the future.

Moroi 0 months

Must be one of them bloody call centers in Mumbai... $5mil in iTunes gift cards?

Pierre 0 months

Well, now they can just do it again... Costs the hackers nothing too just employ the same attack again.

Deklan 0 months

Huh and all of this could’ve probably been avoided if they updated their counter intrusion software when it was available to them. Greedy buggers never realize that an investment like that could save a lot of time and money.

Connor 0 months

I'm glad they didn't just take the money and run. $5M seems like a small price to pay to get the entire South Eastern US back on its feet.

Bradley 0 months

Um, if they paid the Hackers, why did the gas “shortage” happen? Also, is that why gas prices rose, to compensate?

Dave 0 months

They had no choice, the FBI is too busy hunting down old ladies that dared trespass in the capitol building to help stop cyber terrorists.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 0 months

If Sniffy Inc. doesn't track these hackers down and put them behind bars then his administration is more pathetic and useless than I already suspect. If it helps, they can investigate them for not being diverse enough!

Diego 0 months

Well well another sign of weakness in the country. Catering to cyberterrorists?

Nate 0 months

How about they go back to manual operations which are unhackable. For being in the security age people have no mindset on security. Hard copies cant be hacked. Manual gages and valves cant be hacked. For all our technological progress braincells seem to be depleating faster. This is mainly due to the lack of common sense. In the old world people like this died to make room for the smarter ones. We live in a society where up is down left is right and being white makes you raciest etc. And you are rewarded for being delusional. Im almost ready to give up on hope for our countrys future. Because this is just on the social level. The political one is even more of a beast.

Kubi 0 months

This is pretty common. Working for a security branch for a major european telecom company. I can tell you guys this is pretty much a common occurance, in all sectors. The nastiest being in the health sector. Most of these attacks do get stopped though. But at times they get through as there's a limit on just how much resources can be allocated to stop these, as level of security varies greatly. Biggest issue is that majority of companies, fails at even the most basic lvl of security. Most attacks stems from China, around 90% of attacks are located from China, another major main is north Korea, without most of these go through China. Rest is various Middle Eastern countries such as Somalia, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Iraq. These form of hacking is an effective way to get foreign currency.

Madam I'm Adam
Madam I'm Adam 0 months

The U.S. doesn't negotiate with terrorists. Cyber-terrorists, however, we will pay off and announce just how much we payed to the world.

Tim 0 months

Serious question. Is that something that's considered a business expense? Can Colonial deduct that?

Cheri Carter
Cheri Carter 0 months

For the idiots who are blaming Biden, why not look at the real source - the REPUBLICANS. They are the ones who are refusing to pass the Infrastructure/Jobs bill that would address our aged security systems. However, most of you only pay attention to Fox News or social media to get your information, which anyone who has a brain, knows contains massive amounts of false information. Infrastructure isn't just roads and bridges, it also includes aging pipes that bring homes drinking water, broadband across the Country, our aged Security System, etc. plus those road and bridges. Wake up and realize what is really happening and who is putting a halt to things getting done in this Country. It ISN'T THE DEMOCRATS!!!!!

Bullwinkle 0 months

That's Disgusting! Greedy cheapskate Basturds! They did a dollars and cents analysis and paid the cheaper amount. Something I'm sure they had on a neat little spread sheet labeled, "in case of hacking emergency, call IT dept and find out how screwed we are." Govt should require xyz security with corporations that want to make a profit while being responsible for critical infrastructure, and have a dpt that regularly tests software security of that critical infrastructure. Additionally, the company should not be eligible for any Govt stipends, grants, loans, tax breaks etc. for 5 years for failing to ensure critical security. This is unforgivable. It was dollars and cents laziness pure and simple! Yet another reason to step away from fossil fuels if we can't trust those who hold the keys to our infrastructure. I can't wait to hear the excuses...

a commoner
a commoner 0 months

So that's what they either paid themselves or Goldman Sachs. If I'm wrong I'm sorry, but my gut says we're being played. And we'll never know for sure

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