Pence calls for ’whole of America’ approach to coronavirus

Pence calls for ’whole of America’ approach to coronavirus

As he met with cruise line executives and port directors in Florida, VP Pence on Saturday said the US was engaging in a ’whole of America’ approach in response to the coronavirus. He said the administration has met with the pharma industry, nursing home leaders, commercial laboratories and others in an effort to stem the spread of the virus. ’President Trump has no higher priority’, he added.

Sirax 3 weeks

Fun Fact: illegal immigrants increase the likelyhood of breaching quarantine. #maga #buildthewall

Serge Blanko
Serge Blanko 3 weeks

Talking about something and actually doing something are two different things, and it seems the Trump administration very bigly on talk!

riheg 3 weeks

Pray it away-Pence.

anthony 3 weeks

I don't like the idea that messaging on this is coming from a politician instead of a medical expert. Put the CDC back in charge of messaging and stop the censorship or at least the appearance of it.

Jon 3 weeks

Pence did the exact same thing with the aids outbreak in Indiana and his slow response and doubting infectious disease specialists cause people to die. Hes a disgusting human and the fact that he calls himself a Christian is laughable.

CoLpOeSnED 3 weeks

Is this overhype too?

Daniel 3 weeks

Hah, he’s funny. Claiming ratings aren’t his current future and entire past primary goal.

J 3 weeks

pence is saving his position, so Drump dont replace him, funny the so called 15 cases that SUPPOSED to be down to ZERO, got INCREASED....

Grand Ol Propaganda
Grand Ol Propaganda 3 weeks

Media: Will victims of the virus have to pay for testing? Pence: crickets.....

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