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Major crack found in Interstate 40 bridge linking Arkansas and Tennessee

Major crack found in Interstate 40 bridge linking Arkansas and Tennessee

Repairs to the Interstate 40 bridge linking Arkansas and Tennessee could take months after a crack was found in the span. The six-lane bridge Hernando DeSoto Bridge into Memphis was shut down Tuesday after inspectors found a ’significant fracture’ in one of two 900-foot horizontal steel beams that are crucial for the bridge’s integrity. Fatigue is being considered as the cause for the crack.

luther 0 months

That's Memphis for you. For a city with so much potential, it's local officials care more about identity politics, rather than building and maintaining it's infrastructure.

coughdrop1989 0 months

Isnt there some large money package thats supposr to be going towarda infrastructure, ohhhhh by infrastructure you mean a whole bunch of stuff other then thibgs that need fixed. My misunderstanding.

Doug 0 months

Once again, Newsvoice seems to be filtering/hiding important local news source links (:-(

Silence Dogood
Silence Dogood 0 months

For those of you who think autonomous vehicles are a reality...we can't even MAINTAIN the roads and bridges that our grandfathers built, let alone make them smart.

Randall 0 months

We don't need no infrastructure plan. Just let it crumble. Problem solved.

michael 0 months

Bet that infrastructure bill looks much better now.

TheEnlightenedFool 0 months

Vibrations and weight melt steel beams. Just a... theory.

Doug 0 months

2019 drone video showed damage, 2020 report made no mention.

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