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Pete, Amy ended campaigns under ’great deal of pressure’, says Bernie

Pete, Amy ended campaigns under ’great deal of pressure’, says Bernie

Sen. Sanders attributed ’a great deal of pressure’ on some of the nominees to exit the presidential race. ’The establishment put a great deal of pressure on Pete Buttigieg, on Amy Klobuchar’, Sanders said adding that were they to continue, his campaign would have secured a win in Minnesota, Maine, and Massachusetts. He added that he would ’love to have the support of Sen. Warren’.

Tin Ego
Tin Ego 5 months

Why would you want the support of Warren? Jez has this man no self respect, he’s such a political sycophant.

Stephen 5 months

He's not exactly wrong.

Marcus Rogers
Marcus Rogers 5 months

Enough pressure to give someone a heart attack one might say....

Fin 5 months

Sorry not buying anything Bernie says..

EnervatedSociety 5 months

Even if 100% true I don’t see a problem with it. The party obviously doesn’t want Sanders, thats is their prerogative and at the end of the day those voters chose Biden over Sanders.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 5 months

Starnge Bernie would be annoyed about manipulating elections seeing as he's full of Cuba and Venezuelas praises lmao

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 5 months

Feeding into his supporters insane victim complex. “We would have won if our opponents vote was split 5 ways! Instead we got demolished!”

Up 5 months

He wants Warren's support bc he's losing. What a weak old fool.

Randall 5 months

Vote Bernie Sanders for President!

CoLpOeSnED 5 months

I was getting worried he would never call it out as it is

Sqeptiq MqSqeptiq
Sqeptiq MqSqeptiq 5 months

Pete and Amy hoping for butter biscuits from corporations that bankroll Democrats.

anthony 5 months

True but why did Sanders run on the same ticket with them again knowing full well what they did to him in 2016? Particularly after the remarks Hillary and a few of the others made not to long ago.

Son Of Shaw
Son Of Shaw 5 months

Lyawatha’s support?

KOAN. 5 months

No refunds

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 5 months

You knew what happened 4 years ago, yet you decided to come back for more. Like a gullible wife going back to her abusive husband and being surprised when he lashes out again!

Sir_Kutz 5 months

He’s not entirely wrong. Obviously there were pressures and promises, maybe threats. But had they stayed in, no Sanders wouldn’t have won in States he lost. People voted for Biden either because they don’t care enough, or more over they think socialism is shit.

Highlander 5 months

He's definitely correct on this one, but if he honestly believed he stood a chance against Trump then he is just as deluded as Biden and the rest of the Dems. He can call himself a democrat all he likes, but he policies are that of a far left socialist.

Kevin McAlpin
Kevin McAlpin 5 months

well duh. they were expecting to continue, and Pete argued about it. Amy threw staplers.

Dwight Brown
Dwight Brown 5 months

Now he crying and begging! Man haven’t you achieved enough? They strive all the way to the grave. SMH

Jack 5 months

These red herrings are now endorsing VP McEasy.

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