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’We’re alive!’, says Biden after big SC win

’We’re alive!’, says Biden after big SC win

Joe Biden recorded a decisive victory in the South Carolina Democratic primaries. Biden won the key nominating contest by a 29-point margin, winning 33 delegates, followed by Sen. Sanders at 11. ’We’re alive!’, Biden told a cheering crowd of supporters after his win. Biden won 48% of the vote, Sanders won 20% and Tom Steyer came in third at 11%. Steyer also announced an end to his bid Saturday.

Petri Fide
Petri Fide 8 months

Is Biden still running for the Senate or is it the other Biden?

Rational ific
Rational ific 8 months

Thank you, North Carolina! Can you bring the kids up? Yeah, just bring 'em over here! As I was saying, today, we won a momentous victory, and showed president Bush that we mean business! Just like when I was with Martin Luther King, I said, we're gonna beat those rapscallions! I couldn't have done this without the blacks. It reminds me of a time when my black cook...a nice old man...was making me breakfast, and I said to him, are there eggs in waffles? And then he told me that he used the same mix for pancakes as he did waffles. He had the most precious daughter. One time, when we were taking a bath together, she patted my chest hair and asked, "Why are you so hairy?" I'll always remember that, just like I'll always remember how you, the citizens of Vermont, handed me this victory!

Up 8 months

Biden will follow up his win by thanking cornpop, his hairy legs, and the great state of Japan.

Batman of Clownworld
Batman of Clownworld 8 months

I had already voted for Biden in TN. I was hoping to keep Biden on to see him space out and call Sanders Cornpop. Then challenge him to a fight lol. Sanders is Cornpop, Cornpop is Sanders.

Bubbles 8 months

He will probably forget anyway.

John Doh
John Doh 8 months


Petri Fide
Petri Fide 8 months

hahaha... I just voted for Sanders in Washington

Up 8 months

I think the Don is just waiting to walk over and take Bernies mic away and hope he has a second heartattack. 😂😂

Watheverable GRAMPS
Watheverable GRAMPS 8 months

So it's Biden that capitalizes on Bernie's stupid apologetics for Castro's regime? I admit I'm surprised

porcus 8 months

It's dead, Jim!

Crimson Jester
Crimson Jester 8 months

I'm sorry Democrats, you're going to get stuck with him

Crimson Jester
Crimson Jester 8 months

that's strange

Roadhog 8 months

Maybe if Dems didn't live in an echo chamber they would have known how dumb it was to hitch their wagon to Joe Biden. The more people learn about him, Hunter, the video clips of him fondling little girls, his senile speaking ability, and voting record... the less they like him. They could have put off the communist problem for another 4 years, if he can even live that long.

Crimson Jester
Crimson Jester 8 months

so damn sad

Randall 8 months

Go Bernie Sanders for President!

I have no idea
I have no idea 8 months

Was this for the presidential bid or senatorial?

KOAN. 8 months

If sanders wins the nomination, the dems will be broken beyond repair and Trump will sweep the house in midterms. Two year of unchecked policy. Thanks Bernie!

Up 8 months

Is that a picture of Bernie Seig Heiling in front of the Texas flag as he loses South Carolina? Ok sure.

mantico 8 months

Sanders is going to win the nomination!

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 8 months

Hope Biden gets the nominee, would love to see him debate Trump. Would be a mess for the democrats Biden's so easy to anger and he may go on one of his dementia rants, that'd be a bonus.

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