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Women strike across Mexico, Argentina to protest gender violence

Women strike across Mexico, Argentina to protest gender violence

Millions of women in Mexico and Argentina are staying away from offices, school and government offices on Monday, stepping up protests against gender violence. Murder of women in Mexico have jumped 137% in the past five years as per government statistics. On Sunday, women took to the streets across Latin America as part of International Women’s Day.

Tim Baker
Tim Baker 7 months

So the term murder isn't good enough now?

Ben B.
Ben B. 7 months

"Femicides" Wat

porcus 7 months

They look like lucha libres, all masked up like that. EDIT: Make that, they look like AnCom lucha libres...

Pete Nell
Pete Nell 7 months

However, the murder rate is still way higher for males. But, they are disposable right. Just like Canada's missing and murdered Aboriginal women inquiry. National News, the fact 3x as many Aboriginal men are murdered, crickets.

Pete Nell
Pete Nell 7 months

It's the correct term for a murder of a female. Just as homicide is for males. Or infanticide for children. Regicide for a king etc. Murder is a blanket term for any victim.

Michael Mantion
Michael Mantion 7 months

more men are dying but women don't care about people with penises.

ICblades 7 months

so from what I found 1 in 10 murder victims is a woman....yes that suck but try to lower the total number of murders not just the women. ps bitching about these numbers while not holding your corrupt pos government responsible just makes you complaint seem weak and poorly thought out.

Gary Bea
Gary Bea 7 months

Women add to the gender wage gap. Nothing against what they're protesting against but is this the right away to fix the problem or would they be better off forming vigilante gangs?

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