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Montana Governor formally announces 2020 Senate run

Montana Governor formally announces 2020 Senate run

Steve Bullock, the Governor of Montana formally announced his 2020 Senate run. He also tweeted his first campaign ad to this effect. Mr. Bullock talked about his tenure as a governor, and also mentioned actions to protect public lands, creating 34,000 jobs and freezing college tuition in the ad.

Tom A
Tom A
Akira6968 8 months

Why are there retard democrats in fcking Montana?

TheCurrentModality 8 months

zero chance Democrats take back Senate.

Up 8 months

Government "job creation" guarantees higher taxes to pay for said government departments and jobs. The more you know, the less you pay.

Mutatis 8 months

It is like this guy does not want to be a Governor for some reason.

Fin 8 months

Go stevo

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