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US pulls military personnel from Israel; issues travel advisory

US pulls military personnel from Israel; issues travel advisory

The US has withdrawn 120 military personnel from Israel and is advising Americans to reconsider any travel plans to the region. The US staffers were from US Central Command and US European Command. The group was flown out on a C-17 military transport jet to Ramstein Air Base in Germany.

Pryotra 1 months

Let them fight. I don't think either side is worth supporting, but both sides clearly won't let this rest until they settle things the hard way for themselves.

Patty 1 months

Hope not.Israel has been bullying these people enough

Cameron tolley
Cameron tolley 1 months

Fair enough

Indo 1 months

Is that a okay it's time to not single them in your goodbooks count !? And that they too be treated like all else !?

Sub__ 1 months

Its okay isreal, they’ll send you money instead of these troops don’t worry, US got your back.

jon 0 months

"US pulls military personnel..." Proceeds to show an image of IDF strikes in Gaza rather than the thing that could actually endanger American lives (i.e., Hamas rocket strikes on civilians in densely populated areas and "Israeli" Arabs rioting theoughout the country). Nice propaganda you've got there, "News"Voice.

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