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World’s 10 richest people lost combined $38 billion on Monday

World’s 10 richest people lost combined $38 billion on Monday

The 10 richest people of the world lost a combined $37.7 billion on Monday, as the S&P and Dow Jones reduced by 8% each. Among the biggest losers were luxury goods kingpin Bernard Arnault, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and investor Warren Buffett.

Tom A
Tom A
themdg 8 months

These headlines are silly. They didn't lose anything, unless they bought yesterday and sold today.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 8 months

Bernie's dreams come true.

christine hancock
christine hancock 8 months

Wow. Misleading headline. Their combined NET WORTH fell by 38 billion, not their actual spending power. Good grief. The headlines make it sound like the banks raided their personal checking accounts, instead of the worth of their stock simply taking a downturn.

Up 8 months

But they can still pay for all of our free stuff right?

Fin 8 months

There's a big spread over mega years on capitol loss to insure they pay zero taxes

Josh 8 months

They lost nothing... in fact they are probably pouring in some of their liquid assets to buy this discounted stock.

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