Sea turtles are eating plastic: Study

Sea turtles are eating plastic: Study

According to a study, sea turtles are swallowing bits of plastic and often dying as a result as they mistake the scent of plastic for food. Turtles can die after ingesting just over a dozen pieces of plastic. According to estimates by scientists, over half of the sea turtles and nearly every seabird have ingested plastic.

Up 4 weeks

Don't forget 90% of the ocean's plastic comes from India and China. Tell Gretta!

skrappjaw 4 weeks

Many lubricants made with fish oils are used in plastics manufacturing. It's why your cats will chew random plastic chords or bags and some papers. They smell the fish oil.

Rhokanth 4 weeks

Has anybody told them that it's not a good idea?

Given Name 123
Given Name 123 4 weeks

Who is dumping all the plastic into the ocean? Lets start there...

bad news bear
bad news bear 4 weeks

that piece of plastic is probably better for him than our synthesized food

david dindu
david dindu 4 weeks

theyll evolve to digest it eventually

Fin 4 weeks

Just now telling. This... Slow to get the truth out.... Bout seventy five percent diet plastics cause we irresponsibly dump out plastics... Wake up

RJ of Cthulhu
RJ of Cthulhu 3 weeks

No, not the turtles!

ConcealCarryProtect 4 weeks

Stupid Turtles. Amirite?

Peter 3 weeks

Plastic pollution is a far greater problem than climate change.

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