Ilhan Omar pleads for mercy for man who threatened to put bullet in her

Ilhan Omar pleads for mercy for man who threatened to put bullet in her

A man who threatened the life of Ilhan Omar has been given a year behind bars — a lighter sentence than the maximum 10 years that he was facing — after the politician asked for leniency. Patrick Carlineo, 56, admitted last year to calling Omar’s office and threatening to ’put a bullet in her f*****g skull.’ Omar then wrote to the district judge appealing for leniency in Carlineo’s sentence.

porcus 3 weeks

I am actually surprised at this; good on Omar.

Mozgus 3 weeks

disagree with her on everything but she got points for this. a full year in prison for this and being a felon with a gun. appropriate. 10 years was not.

not the 1%
not the 1% 3 weeks

No no. No no,,, Muslims are all evil

America 3 weeks

Good for her. Still don't agree with her policies.

Mic-Tee 3 weeks

whatever she wants soften the fact she married her brother

Jay 3 weeks

She is on the verge of being deported! She’ll say and stage anything to stay here. It doesn’t excuse her for humping her brother and another married man. This smells like jussie smolete! Chuck Schumer threatens Supreme judges and he get a pleasurable hand job !

AD C 3 weeks

Good to see some mercy and leniency.

Fin 2 weeks

That's. Her faith in action

Jason 3 weeks

dude deserves prison. Freedom of speech has prices. Death threats are not ok.

Lee wayne
Lee wayne 2 weeks

Insightful move the Congresswoman. Full admonishment to the defense lawyer. She set a bad example of humility.

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