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VPN Apps downloaded by more than 35 million are secretly sniffing data

VPN Apps downloaded by more than 35 million are secretly sniffing data

The analytics firm Sensor Tower, an owner of 20 VPN Apps, is secretly collecting user data. Using a root certificate installed via a website the company avoids Apple and Google restrictions. The root certificate allows the company to decrypt your data for analysis. The company claims the data was anonymized.

TheCurrentModality 5 months

And exactly no-one is surprised.

JustATroll 5 months

Common thread is these are all free... meaning you are the product. Just get a paid one. VPNs are cheep, and make sure to read the terms.

Blank Stairs
Blank Stairs 5 months

When apps are free, you are the product. Everyone should know this by now.

Daniel 5 months

no shit. I could told u the same thing ad blockers collected user data for using they add-on extension,

IvoryDove 5 months

What are the odds that a government agency (ours or theirs) has developers building apps to provide easier surveillance, especially for people who don't want to be surveilled? This is part and parcel of having covert agencies that are budgeted into the tens, if not hundreds of billions.

Rburgoxd 5 months

Just saw the requirement for the app on the play store, and is sketchy as shit. It literally ask you for your phone state, also to install a API and it dosen't let the phone to be in suspension mode.

Joey K
Joey K 5 months

I wonder how many are boomers. Everyone else should know that obviously a free app is definitely gonna be a shitty scam. Just buy a paid service. It's like $3 a year.

David 5 months

Duh. Nothing is free. you pay with your data or your wallet.

..... 5 months

Most vpns are run by chinese publishers to ensure monitoring. Best to get vpn out of seychelles.

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