Sanders cancels Cleveland rally amid coronavirus concerns

Sanders cancels Cleveland rally amid coronavirus concerns

Sen. Sanders’ campaign announced on Tuesday they were canceling a Tuesday rally in Cleveland amid concerns over the coronavirus. ’We are heeding the public warnings from Ohio state officials, who have communicated concern about holding large, indoor events during the coronavirus outbreak’, Mike Casca, communications director said. Ohio is slated to hold its primary on March 17.

Watheverable GRAMPS
Watheverable GRAMPS 1 months

Might as well just cancel his whole campaign.

MerryMe 1 months

Reasonable and respectful.

Trumplestiltskinhead 1 months

Hope Trump continues all his rallies... His base is so dirty it’ll wipe them all out.

..... 1 months

Is that what the scientists told you to do you commie hypocrite? Go to China Bernie and loan what true racism is al about you sell out!

Frederick 1 months

Well Corona is worse against elderly sick men.

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