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Trump sweeps through Republican primaries; Takes a shot at Warren

Trump sweeps through Republican primaries; Takes a shot at Warren

President Trump is set to sweep through the six state primaries held on Tuesday. Trump was declared a winner in all six states - Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Idaho, North Dakota and Washington. Separately, reacting to the Democratic primaries, Trump tweeted, ’Pocahontas, working in conjunction with the Democrat Party, totally destroyed the campaign of Bernie Sanders’.

Orange Obama
Orange Obama 7 months

Funny how all the people saying “no more old white men” for 2 years shut up immediately and got behind an old white man 😂

Roadhog 7 months

"Biden won 84% of Black voters in Mississippi compared to Sanders’ 13%" Chunk Yogurt hardest hit.

darkwingsmurf 7 months

Too be completely fair when the fact that there is still one guy running against trump is unknown to most voters how can you be shocked that he is sweeping the GOP primaries. Doesn’t he also hold like a 97% approval rate among republican voters

Up 7 months

Haha, my boy. 😂😂😂 Knows how to troll the dems.

AntiBS 7 months

5he first president since Reagan that has fought for the nation. Anyone, apart from the Democraps and the social welfare parasites that are really surprised?

tenoclock 7 months

Haha! That's some nice chess moves you keep pulling there Trump.

Jon 7 months

Lol why is this a story?

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