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4 of 5 Montana Democratic Senate candidates drop out to support Bullock’s bid

4 of 5 Montana Democratic Senate candidates drop out to support Bullock’s bid

Democrats in Montana are working together to oust the incumbent Republican Senator. The top fundraiser in the race was Cora Neumann who announced, ’I know that what matters most is that we come together in the effort to beat Senator Steve Daines,’ Neumann said in a statement. ’That is why I am withdrawing from the Senate race and throwing my support behind Governor Steve Bullock.’

T3hGladiator 5 months

Biggest problem with Montana is our amazing growth in our Mountain Cities (Bozeman and Missoula mainly). Basically unrecognizable from 10 years ago. All the growth is from leftists fleeing California. Hiking up property prices enormously, while turning Montana purple. With our low population it won't take very long to permanently change our state. Just for reference in '13 a 2 bedroom apartment in Bozeman was $1200 a month, in Great Falls it was $450.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 5 months

Completely unrelated to this story, but only two Montana politicians I can remember are Max Baucus (was in office for 36 years) and Jeanette Rankin (only person to vote against US declaration of war after Pearl Harbor). Rankin was actually pretty interesting for other reasons (from wikipedia): Jeannette Pickering Rankin (June 11, 1880 – May 18, 1973) was an American politician and women's rights advocate, and the first woman to hold federal office in the United States. She was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives as a Republican from Montana in 1916, and again in 1940.

Jay 5 months

Working hard together???? Lol 😂 Should read “Working like a pac of thieves “ as usual!

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