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University of Dayton cancels classes over coronavirus, students riot

University of Dayton cancels classes over coronavirus, students riot

Students at the University of Dayton in Ohio broke out into a riot after the school announced the suspension of classes and on-campus housing amid concerns about the coronavirus outbreak. The school’s announcement on Tuesday within hours sent about 1000 protesters into the streets around 11pm. Protesters were briefly sprayed by police with ’pepper balls’, the university said.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 6 months

"Spring Breaking" news, students can stay in rooms they paid for! Stop the presses!

H 6 months

Rioting because the school is trying to stop an illness/disease from spreading. Feels like a cake or death decision.

🌀W_AS 6 months

Good idea. Keeps them from traveling.

Crimson Jester
Crimson Jester 6 months

Damn Kansas did the same thing at almost every university so far and no riots. yet

CoLpOeSnED 6 months

Then one of those protestors infected the others at the gathering- smart. Virtual/online classes is quickly becoming a thing ya know?

Fin 6 months

If they are gonna cancel classes the students should receive a financial refund of some type

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