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U.S. Soccer Fed. tries to duck lawsuit attributing skill disparity for lower pay

U.S. Soccer Fed. tries to duck lawsuit attributing skill disparity for lower pay

The United States Soccer Federation filed a motion to dismiss citing, among other things, skill disparity as a legitimate reason for the pay difference. Additionally, the organization claimed strength and speed as factors. The group cited the testimony of Plaintiff Carli Lloyd admitting that 16-17-year-old boys are their maximum competition level. The USWNT is seeking $67 Million.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 7 months

“Last year, the men's World Cup generated $6 billion, and gave about 7 percent to the teams. The 2019 Women's World Cup made $131 million, and gave out more than 20 percent to the teams.” Proportional to the revenue generated female football players are paid nearly 3 times more than men...

R0411 7 months

The Australian women's national team lost 7-0 against a U-15 boys team. Grown women vs pubescent boys. Perhaps this will shine a light on the pay disparity. When nobody wants to pay watch you play, why should you be paid equally as those who people do want to pay to watch?

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 7 months

female soccer does not generate the type of Revenue that male soccer does I'm sorry but more people want to go and watch men do Sports because of that there's a lot more money to pay male athletes. If female athletes want the exact same pay as male athletes they'll just have to play as good... oh wait it's biologically impossible for them to because they lack the stamina proteins, anabolic steroids, level of testosterone, bone density, fast twitch muscle fibers should I go on? Women can play sports but men are biologically Superior when it comes to Athletics it's just biology something that feminists want to ignore because they want to live in a pseudo reality where there aren't biological difference between the sexes. if you don't believe me then answer me this why did a female Olympic team lose to Middle School boys?

TheCurrentModality 7 months

Shit-storm in-bound.

Up 7 months

Hahaha finally someone got tired of their shit and speaks the truth. When they can beat the men's team and bring in over a billion in revenue then we can talk.

Seekster 7 months

Alright we said it, the girl's team just isn't as good as the guy's team.

Skeptic 7 months

Well, the purpose of a soccer team is to win games. In the case of the national team, ideally to win the World Cup. On that measure the US Women's team is much more skilled than the Men.

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