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Amazon offers more economic supports to workers

Amazon offers more economic supports to workers

Amazon has launched a $25 million relief fund for delivery drivers and seasonal workers amid the coronavirus outbreak. The ’Amazon Relief Fund’ is targeted at employees ’that are under financial distress during this challenging time’. This includes Amazon Flex drivers and its network of delivery service partners, which handle last-mile package deliveries, as well as seasonal employees.

Corey Routson
Corey Routson 5 months

Did it for the headline, why doesn't he supply them with this regularly?

Random Bit
Random Bit 5 months

Not the full-quid: why don’t you go make a business that generates tons of money - and then you can give it all away and show how amazing you really are! Good job 👍

not the 1%
not the 1% 5 months

Here's an extra $1 /yr, U will STILL need food stamps to just get by..... But I'm (jeffy bezos) fukn rich y'all Go. Fuck yourself I got masions, and bought the mansions next door so I had no second rate pukes living next door

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