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Fresno man accused of four murders admits he wanted to kill white people

Fresno man accused of four murders admits he wanted to kill white people

A man accused of killing four people in Fresno, California in 2017 told detectives the day he was arrested that he was fed up with racism and that since he was a suspect in the killing of one white man, he might as well go out and kill more. In a taped interview, Kori Ali Muhammad, explained why he killed Carl Williams III, and how that led to three more shooting deaths about a week later.

K 2 G
K 2 G 8 months

Using racism as an excuse for racism....

Up 8 months

Thanks leftist media.

ICblades 8 months

this is what you get when you believe the you live in a country full of racism.

Jason 8 months

Well remember guys. College is teaching kids that you cannot be racist against white people. so nothing to see here. move along.

BoboRama 8 months

"bUt yOu CaN't Be RaCiSt AgAiNsT wHiTe PeOpLe"

cledge fenrir
cledge fenrir 8 months

current links are labeled "Europe" guess that means no one in 'merica is covering this

Rocky 8 months

Another disgusting hate crime. When will society stop victimizing a group based on skin color? We need to move past this. If only the media would stop perpetuating these stereotypes and pushing racial division. We as the people need to see through their divide and conquer strategies.

IvoryDove 8 months

Division is essential for political power to remain.

Based Haole
Based Haole 8 months

Remember kids Divide and Conquer makes neighbors hate each other don't fall for it

Fin 8 months

Charged with fed hate crimes goes for anyone regardless of their color...

intherough 8 months

I have a black friend who's told me that many of her friends will not even speak to white people. She has told them, you are part of the problem! I'm sure there are plenty of whites who do the same thing. I think it's out of fear and ignorance. I think relations are way better than when I was growing up. Sometimes, it's simply a know better, do better issue.

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