Trump says travel exemptions do not extend to the UK

Trump says travel exemptions do not extend to the UK

United States President Donald Trump announced a travel ban from Europe. The ban comes amidst a growing fear of coronavirus. The President announced the decision via a televised address to the nation, where he also said that the new travel exemptions did not extend to the United Kingdom.

Seekster 3 months

Seriously. I know it's an election year but this current crisis is bigger than Republicans and Democrats. I know that this plea for unity will probably fall on deaf ears but we are in a crisis that was not caused by anything either party did. If Democrats and Republicans can't find common ground and work together now then I fear that they will never be able to unless the political situation in the USA changes dramatically (new party system for example).

Fin 3 months

Yet boris just told the world UK is bout four weeks out from being hit like Italy...

Crimson Jester
Crimson Jester 3 months


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