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Democratic Congresswoman pushes CDC head to commit to free coronavirus testing

Democratic Congresswoman pushes CDC head to commit to free coronavirus testing

California Rep. Katie Porter exacted a commitment from the director of the CDC to pay for coronavirus testing for uninsured Americans on Thursday. During her persuasive argument, which convinced CDC head Robert Redfield, at the House hearing on the coronavirus response, Porter said that the cost of getting a coronavirus test would come around $1,331, which ’will keep people from getting tested.’

GreenMachine 5 months

Nothing is free. You just eat the cost. If the taxpayers want to fight the bill, which is likely, then go for it. But don't act like it's appalling that you pay ppl to make the test, pay for the material, pay a professional to administer the test, pay someone to get the results, then don't give them away for free.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 5 months

Wow, a sensible suggestion that would help pinpoint those infected allowing us to slow the spread. Will Pence adopt an idea like this or practice partisan politics? Sadly, I think I know the answer.

Fin 5 months

We have a federal public health dept... The surgeon General leads it..... But has been grossly underfunded

Fin 5 months

She us smart n takes no prisoners

Victoria 5 months

Center-right woman piping in. I'm surprised honestly that more people in Congress weren't pushing for free tests. Good on the California rep. :) I fully understand tax payers will need to foot the bill. Usually I'm against that. In this case I feel whatever we can do to make it easier for people to come forward for testing and possible follow up quarantine is imperative. South Korea has it right on how they are handling this and because of that they've slowed the growth and dropped the death rate considerably (I believe it is at .6 for them). Gold star kid of the week kind of stuff. Testing in the USA needs to be beefed up. It needs to be easier to get access to, we need more people willing to step forward, and we need to be openly communicating every step of the way. This raises costs temporarily for the country and then for tax payers, however, the potential for loss of life or a situation like Italy is dealing with would be far more detrimental to our nation. That being said I'll be candid and admit it's probably the first time I've praised California for decisions made in at least the last couple years. .-.

Blank Stairs
Blank Stairs 5 months

100% against "medicare for all" for a million and 1 reasons, but I would be 100% cool with doing my part to foot the bill for this. Considering, thanks in large part to Trumps economy, more people than ever have jobs for the most part. if everyone with a job pays into this, you are literally talking pennies per person. Not a biggie to help my fellow countrymen/women. Even of you are a greedy asshole down to pennies, this could save you in the long run one day.

Mutatis 5 months

Meh, according to her whiteboard the vast majority of the cost is being pinned to the 'ER visit', not the testing. Not too mention, I have a hard time taking people seriously who spout off the misleading stat about 40% of people being unable to handle a '$400 unexpected expense'.

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