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Comcast, AT&T and others easing broadband for at home workers

Comcast, AT&T and others easing broadband for at home workers

Broadband companies, including Comcast and AT&T, are making it easier and cheaper to work at home in wake of the COVID-19 virus. Comcast said it has increased the speeds and lowered the cost of its entry-level internet service, effective Monday. AT&T said it would suspend data caps. Verizon and Frontier noted that they don’t have data caps.

themdg 5 months

Idiots. They never should have been money-grubbing caps in the first place. "Thanks for paying for unlimited internet for all these years. And now, as an added bonus, you can have unlimited internet for only double your fee!"

IvoryDove 5 months

In our crony capitalist world that has evolved from the constitution as fast as the government could make it... Big corporations get kickbacks in exchange for any action they take that might benefit the politicians they fund. I prefer the old system where the people were in charge.

AD C 5 months

Nice to see them ease up at times like this. The thought of them doing something like this didn't even occur to me.

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