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Over $16 trillion lost in global equity markets in less than a month

Over $16 trillion lost in global equity markets in less than a month

The fall triggered by fears around the economic impact of the coronavirus has lead global stock market to lose over $16 trillion since a high on February 19. Global markets are seeing a slight recovery on Friday after indices faces a brutal Thursday, with some registering the largest single day decline since 1987’s Black Monday.

AntiBS 7 months

And you can thank the irresponsible, scaremongering media for most of that.

IvoryDove 7 months

Retitled "Big Global equity holders sold off their stocks leaving smaller investors to hold the bag". The banks sell their stocks in minutes. Mom and pop call their broker and tell him to sell immediately, a week later the stock is sold for a fraction of the value it held when they put in the order. That's how it works. When the market bottoms out, the wealthy elites will buy it back cheap in minutes, mom and pop will wait a week for their order to purchase and the price will be a lot higher than when they cut the order. The elites own the system. They don't lose.

John 7 months

It wasn’t lost it went into someone’s pockets or was never there in the first place

dcrnj 7 months

16 trillion, let that sink in!!!! 1 million seconds = approx 11 days 1 billion seconds = approx 32 years 1 trillion seconds = approx 32,000 years! 1 Quadrillion seconds = approx 32,000,000 years!! Financial derivatives currently equate to over 1 Quadrillion. Worlds lost the plot.....

little 7 months


..... 7 months

The question is into whose pockets did it go.

Adam Madad
Adam Madad 7 months

Well candidate Trump himself said it was a "big, fat ugly bubble". I agree with candidate Trump.

Lucy 7 months

That's almost the entire GDP of the US!

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