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Unemployment to be reduced via blockchain by South Africa

Unemployment to be reduced via blockchain by South Africa

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are seen as the ways in which unemployment could be reduced in South Africa by the South African Presidential Commission. The Blockchain Africa Conference in Johannesburg was told by Commissioner Mpho Dagada that important economic benefits could be brought in via blockchain.

Up 8 months

But their communist government will just provide them with everything now that they've kicked out all the evil whites. Why do they need jobs?

Danny Mcgrath
Danny Mcgrath 8 months

maybe the should master the rudimentary knowledge of agriculture from 10,000 bc before tackling modern day technology that their brains simply haven't evolved to grasp.

plastic African
plastic African 8 months

Ya that's a joke right? Look at their infrastructures, built by who oh yeah the white people. Very good.

Brandon 5 months

Yet theyve not unbanned cigarettes

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