Stocks post biggest rally since 2008

Stocks post biggest rally since 2008

Stocks soared Friday bouncing back from the sharp losses suffered during the week which included two halted sessions. The Dow Jones closed 1,985 points higher, or 9.4%. The House overwhelmingly passed legislation to provide economic relief, while the Fed said it will start buying Treasurys across all durations, starting with 30-year bonds - these were some reasons for the relief run.

Max Bants
Max Bants 3 months

It's called a "Bull Trap".

Seekster 3 months

The Stock Market essentially recovered nearly all of yesterday's losses during Trump's press conference.

Randy Souse-Git
Randy Souse-Git 3 months

If you sold during this panic, that's what the institutions were hoping you would do. If it was worth holding pre-corona, it will be worth holding post. Doubly stupid if you paid fees on those transactions. Then you'll pay fees to buy back in. Your short holds should NEVER exceed your long holds. Shorts should be 1/3 or less and be "oh well" money. Ally Invest is fee-free trades. I've sat on everything I have. Still pumped in cash every payday and even made a few small purchases to supplement my long holds at the start of each rally day decreasing my average cost per share on ten year + hold investments and five year hold + investments. My only downside will be that 2 year or less shorts will probably have to extend out to 5, or I'll take the loss and recalibrate there. That and a slight blow to the expected 10 year + capital gains. But hey, I'm in a Roth IRA so I'll pay no capital gains tax after retirement anyway. There is that bonus. ETFs diversify your risk sufficiently to cushion the harsh blows of these market chaos events while allowing you to invest in market sectors. Yes, I'm down, but I ain't out by a long stretch. As always, do your own research, get away from the cookie cutter brokerages where their only goal is to make money from you during bull and bear markets and be your own active manager via a platform that allows you to act nimbly. Exit for typo.

Fin 3 months

Wtf with this bs troll story

Werli 3 months

fear generates cash lmao. making profits off the scare.

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