National emergency announced by Trump over coronavirus

National emergency announced by Trump over coronavirus

A state of emergency has been declared by the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump due to the Coronavirus pandemic. President Trump has also signed the declaration under the Stafford Act. This move by the President causes billions of dollars to be freed for disaster relief to the areas which are hardest-hit.

Seekster 2 months

I watched the stock market during the press conference. In less than an hour it recovered nearly all of its losses from Thursday. Just another example of how fluid it is.

MerryMe 2 months

Smart news conference by the President right now. They demonstrated that a comprehensive plan was underway even while saying (and still saying) don't panic [[and the media fed the panic]]. The other really smart thing - showcasing the partnership with ALL the different companies and having them share the stage. It pulls the American people in because we all know someone who works at, shops at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS...someone in healthcare or needing it. Google... Quest, etc. they all get some positive facetime with the American public.

Up 2 months

Trump nailed it and appropriate measures are being taken. Great cooperation between public and private sectors. Dems will still whine and complain that Orange Man bad. But we all know... Orange Man good!

porcus 2 months

This is hysterical. The Assholes (including miles) just can't stop the hyper-partisan hyper-criticism of Trump. His response has been stellar so far, and he has been incredibly responsive considering that the CCP completely screwed the pooch for 2 months straight.

porcus 2 months

I really don't understand why miles and the rest of the Assholes are not blaming China more for this global screw up. Unless they don't actually care about the pandemic at all and just want to engage in more Orange Man Bad.

Fin 2 months

Finally.. Must be pence told him to get his facts right or bleed voters .

Trendy 2 months

I'm an ER RN and I'm seeing what's going on first hand. Whoever thinks this is being handled well is either ignorant or foolish! We have no idea who is infected because we can't get tests. What's worse, we are having a shortage of isolation equipment, because it's all made in China, so we can't even fight the virus effectively. Nothing is being done to track and quarentine people. We are already rationing masks and triaging who actually needs ventilators, because we may not have enough. It's a catastrophe. Trump has shut the barn door, but the horse is so far out of the barn it's in the next town.

Fin 2 months

Why aren't ultraviolet lights not used by airline industry to deep clean. N sanitize planes. . Or to be at the entry ways in hospitals n rest homes... Or going thru atrium in big box stores n. Banks n used on money ....

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 2 months

Trump is likely to quit. His inability to lead, to inspire hope and constant lying have done nothing but collapse the economy.

Spitfire WA
Spitfire WA 2 months

Better late than never.

Joseph 2 months

Dump Trump. Why do I always feel that he is being less than honest? The obvious answer is that the orange man himself, leader of the free world, is a delusional psychotic. Now he has something presedential to worry about, with the Corona virus, running rampant globally, and in large cities like New York. Rather than listening to the WHO or the CDC, this idiot decides to concoct a plan with his administration fully on board, to remediate the virus from the United States. I live in New York City and let me tell you, it looks like a nuclear holocaust. The buildings look normal, but the streets are empty, and citizens are no where to be found, except scurrying into the subway. No business anywhere, with major events cancelled, including Broadway. Trump the great, has a huge problem since now he is forced to be President, and a real leader. The Corona Virus is just in time to destroy the Trump monarchy. The king has failed, and looks like he should showboat on SNL, and a reality show star. In fact that's all he is. Im sorry to say.

Ted Hill
Ted Hill 2 months

Something to unify under

Carol 2 months

Too little, too late!

Rene 2 months

We are doomed with tRUMP the man-child who only thinks about how much money he will lose or make. They are keeping the count low so as not to lose the election. He is a dangerous gangster.

Jim Boi
Jim Boi 2 months

I wonder how much impact this will have travel and universities

John W
John W 2 months

it means the Democrats will try to squeeze every last Dollar

J 2 months


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