Trump says he will ’most likely’ be tested for COVID-19 ’fairly soon’

Trump says he will ’most likely’ be tested for COVID-19 ’fairly soon’

U.S. President Donald Trump has met with people exposed to COVID-19 but says he feels extremely good and has not been tested for the coronavirus. When asked if he was being selfish, he said he would ’most likely’ get tested ’fairly soon’.

Flitch 2 months

Rumor has it, he once shuck a guys hand without knowing their full medical history. The horror.

Gradient Flow
Gradient Flow 2 months

oh noes, we need to impeach him.

The Facts Provider
The Facts Provider 2 months

He also once looked directly into the sun during a eclipse. So, what else is new.

SportsBoi 2 months

The title is a bit leftist doe

Ryan M
Ryan M 2 months

Trump does not get tested: "After exposure to a carrier, Trump selfishly refuses to get tested, putting everyone around him at risk." Trump gets tested: "Trump selfishly tests himself despite having no symptoms while millions of regular Americans wait." See how this works?

Pocky 2 months

while it may not be public I'm quite sure he has been tested. it'll be kept secret even longer if he actually has it.

Judi Em
Judi Em 2 months

The test won't work till you have symptoms according to my local Dr. no point in wasting a kit till needed.

Fin 2 months

Because he could be a carrier n continues to handshake thus can spread it... But hey the king doth believe his is Devine n rules don't apple to his divine rights

Innerparty 2 months


J 2 months

its call "KARMA", drumpass You were the one that closed the CDC expert staff, so,you could: use the money to fund your jackass projects.

Jon 2 months

Does anyone here actually believe he has not been tested at all yet? How do you feel about him treating us like we are complete idiots? Of course this dumbass has been tested. Hes probably tested daily, hes lying to your face per usual.

RJ of Cthulhu
RJ of Cthulhu 2 months

This is the best case thing for him to say

IvoryDove 2 months

I've seen Trump and Pence together. If you want a nightmare scenario, imagine Trump and Pence are incapacitated by COVID-19, who would be immediately placed in charge of the government?

Serge Blanko
Serge Blanko 2 months

But isn’t he related to a genius so by default he’s somehow a genius? Oh wait it skipped his generation

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