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Gaetz voted against Florida paid sick leave, now avails of it

Gaetz voted against Florida paid sick leave, now avails of it

Republican Matt Gaetz, who voted against legislation that would have given paid sick leave in every city and county in Florida back in 2013, has gone on sick leave with pay from the House of Representatives after coming in contact with a COVID19 patient. Gaetz was a backer of legislation that barred municipalities from enacting paid sick leave.

Marcus Rogers
Marcus Rogers 6 months

I agreed with sick pay, but permanent sick pay is dumb, what to stop people working 6 months and then taking 6 months off sick? Seriously I've heard of people taking months off because off stress after just getting into a business.

IvoryDove 6 months

There's a difference between "forcing companies to provide paid sick leave" and "allowing companies to provide paid sick leave". He wasn't against sick leave, he was against forcing it upon employers.

IvoryDove 6 months

In the United States, there is a right to self determination. The idea that during a "crisis" your rights can be taken away and not returned upon the end of the crisis, simply motivates the government to whip up a crisis. We have a Chinese created national emergency now due to a breach of their Wuhan CDC that threatens old people. The response to this threat is PERMANENT emplacement of a "paid sick leave" upon employers around the country. So... Let's say a month from now, COVID-19 falls flat. No more pandemic. No more fear of public meetings. But a PERMANENT mandate on every small business in the USA to provide paid sick leave. Does McDonald's get crushed? No, they have it already. Does the mom & pop burger place have the money to provide it? Or do they go under and lay off their employees.. Who end up working at the new McDonald's down the street?

Liz 6 months

Wake up Floridians vote this guy guy out.

Trumplestiltskinhead 6 months

Surprise! Republicans have no integrity, and love socialism when it saves their own necks, but when it saves someone else (especially of color) they scream "Commie"

Rational 6 months

He gets paid while the average Americaen would not. Another one that needs to get voted out of office.

Lev 6 months

well well, welcome to our restaurant today's special is slightly poached Crow, enjoy

Sir_Kutz 6 months

What kind of dumb horse shit is this? I stayed home Tuesday and I didn’t show up on Newsvoice!

Anthony, inc.
Anthony, inc. 6 months

Is it too much to ask for the reactionaries to take a breath and read the articles before spewing out-of-context and objectively false nonsense? The internet tubes are clogged with enough BS as it is. The motherjones link explains the bill beyond a SHOCKING headline or an overdramatic politician, and by now we really should all be a bit numb to this tactic. The bill calls for a mandatory 7-day paid sick leave with up to 14 for public emergencies. Businesses with 50 or fewer employees are compensated for any public emergency sick time used. A quick search shows that around 77% of businesses allow for vacation days and/or paid time off at an average of 8 days a year. Even if these numbers are a little off, the point is that most companies already allow for this in one way or another. If they have to do anything at all, there's nothing stopping them from just adjusting how they allocate their PTO pool. Besides, over 3/4 of the US working class don't use all of their paid vacation time as is.

John 6 months

People in this country need to see how their politicians voted how some of them didn’t vote at all and why and how many times they were absent for votes before voting them back into office.How many times can a employee miss work and still keep their jobs most Americans don’t have that luxury so why is it they do ?

Taft Tibbs
Taft Tibbs 6 months

heads and tales of the same coin minted from the same corrupt material.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 6 months

New title "Gaetz opposed legislation that will kill small businesses, and undo all of Trump's progress on the unemployment rate"

Jon 6 months

Florida you have the power to remove this toxic scum from your state. You would think a state like Florida that has an abundance of elderly would be particularly infuriated by this piece of shit.

Foofie Dumplings
Foofie Dumplings 6 months

Wow! I've always suspected Gaetz was a crypto-communist!

VOTUS 6 months

Why we poor people must vote for poor people

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd 6 months

this is why republicans are piece's of shit. they say one thing but then do the other. way to prove my point about the right wing hypocrisy

chad joice
chad joice 6 months

once a con always a con

Jen From Twitter
Jen From Twitter 6 months

Here is the right practicing their typical set of double standards............

CGandG 6 months

With only one article about this, no wonder everyone has it wrong. He was ordered to self-quarantine but he teleworked the whole time. He was not sick and did not use sick leave.

ann 6 months

How about to look to the rest of the developed world? We have payed sick leave and use it when we are sick. Can't americans handle that? What are you afraid of? Sometimes freedom is to have a safety net. And why is it ok to give your money to Besos, Big pharma and endless wars? Look outside your country, and you will see that it's not that good to it's own people, as other countries are. We can afford medicin. We have payed vacations. We don't have endless wars. Don't americans need a brake? Don't every american deserve a good life? Freedom from struggle? Stop give your money to Bloomberg. Open your eyes! Peace and Love!

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