Biden endorses Warren bankruptcy plan

Biden endorses Warren bankruptcy plan

Joe Biden has endorsed Sen. Warren’s bankruptcy plan. The endorsement of the plan is a stark departure for his previous stance - Warren’s plan explicitly sought to repeal parts of a 2005 bankruptcy bill Biden backed in the Senate. Warren’s plan proposed to scrap several aspects of the 2005 law, including means testing, separate bankruptcy processes based on wealth, credit counseling.

Rhokanth 3 months

Sweet. Now I'll go back to college, rack up debt with a bunch of useless degrees and live rent-free in a dorm, then file bankrupcy after 10 years. See? Being a professional useless person is easy.

Paul N
Paul N 3 months

Any plan which enslaves our hard labor and steals our wealth to give to undeserving folks, the progressives are all over salivating. Liberalism please find that cure!

Rational 3 months

All for the scam that is college degree. So sad that the majority of people are still buying into higher education's bs. Paying a lot of money for jobs that aren't really there.

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