NEA endorses Biden for president

NEA endorses Biden for president

Ahead of the Sunday debate, Joe Biden’s campaign got a major boost with the endorsement by the National Education Association (NEA), the nation’s largest union. Lily Eskelsen Garcia, the president of the 3-million member NEA, cited Biden’s support for public education and his plans to boost teacher pay and make schooling more available.

Innerparty 3 months

I've been a Teamster for 20 years. I'd never vote for Biden.

Minor_Complex 3 months

Public Education is just daycare but with homework. There is too much administrative overlook, for every teacher there are two assistant principals. It's assembly line education that is meant to appeal to the lowest common denominator. To get an endorsement from the person that represents that whole huge mess of an institution is not a benefit in my opinion. Also, consider the following: Public Unions often contribute to slush funds for laundering money, always have been and always will be, and every single mattress store and laundromat are just fronts for the mafia.

Jim Boi
Jim Boi 3 months

Trump2020 vs Creepy Uncle Joe ( alternative names Mash Mouth Joe, Slow Joe, Dementia Joe, and Cornpop)

Phil Scott
Phil Scott 3 months

Maybe it's irrelevant, maybe it's a misquote but it's noticeable how "teachers pay" was the first reason stated 😀. Must be embarrassing if yo''re a Dem though, seriously.

Occam’s lazer
Occam’s lazer 3 months

Unpopular opinion...teachers don’t deserve more pay and education shouldn’t be funneled more tax dollars for a myriad of reasons... Like seriously think about it. in your entire life from as early as you can remember to your senior year, how many teachers have you had that were good at their jobs, effective at teaching, and had a lasting positive impact on your life. My anecdotal awnser is maybe 1 and debatably 2 teachers, all in my senior year. Every single other teacher was a worksheet distributor. Those odds are approximately 1 or 2 out of 50. Public education is broken and needs to change or be removed and replaced

William 3 months

yep. buckle up we have the trump crime family until Jan 2025. the republic is toast.

Grand Ol Propaganda
Grand Ol Propaganda 3 months

He will lose to Spanky Bonespurs.

Blank Stairs
Blank Stairs 3 months

So, the Dem goal IS to make kids as dumb and submissive as possible. Maybe the kids can all be president in 1972 also!! Yeah!

Doug 3 months

teachers punch themselves in the face with support for establishment, anti-worker uncle Joe (:-(

not the 1%
not the 1% 3 months

National Union proves it is as corrupt as the problem.... A vote for Biden is the same as a vote for Trump.....

Mark East
Mark East 3 months

sellouts! Biden is no friend of Unions

Peter 3 months

"Aye Tone, Betta put a litta mo pressure on dis Union Situation fo da boss, seems to me, like ol' Uncle Joe tryin muscle in."

Ben B.
Ben B. 3 months

It seems like the NEA is more concerned with teacher pay, rather than educating the youth. If they actually cared about education, they wouldn't even come close to endorsing anyone behind Common Core.

Smasher Devourer
Smasher Devourer 3 months

I'm SEIU only 30 percent of our members vote. but we donate like crazy

Clint 3 months

Joe Biden winning endorsement over Sanders is matter of numbers at this point. better to endorse the guy that's most likely going to be the winner of the primaries.

Michael Mantion
Michael Mantion 3 months

union bosses.

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