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US hospitals will run out of beds if coronavirus cases spike

US hospitals will run out of beds if coronavirus cases spike

As confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus continue to increase across the US, officials fear that one of the biggest issues doctors could face is finding space to treat patients requiring medical assistance. According to the OECD, the US has 2.8 hospital beds per 1,000 people. By contrast, China has 4.3, South Korea has 12.3. The US, though, has a higher number of ICU beds.

riheg 5 months

Thats why we aim to slow the spread in the civilized world

Jason 5 months

Follow the CDC guidance and only go to hospital if you are seriously ill. Remember that the hospital is where all the sick people are. Let the health care professionals deal with the most urgent needs before taking your soar back to the ER.

porcus 5 months

Most people won't even know that they have Wuhan Flu unless they are told. It IS flu-like after all. How many people go to the hospital for the flu??

Batman of Clownworld
Batman of Clownworld 5 months

Grand ol propaganda is either supertroll or the dumbest human being alive. I pray it is the first. I really do. If not let coronachan do her dance.

Mr. Doc
Mr. Doc 5 months

The true insanity comes in because now we have to test people weather we think they have it or not. People who are "Rule Out" cases are getting worse care because people are afraid to do procedures they would normally do for fear of the virus. ie I had a GI bleeder that was short of breath because of severe anemia (no cough, no fever) that became a covid rule out. GI doc could not scope her until covid negative, resulting in wasted blood products waiting for this stupid test that every one knew was going to be negative. Skilled Nursing facilities are also requiring that we test their ASYMPTOMATIC patients before we can send them back, requiring them to stay in the hospital extra days and taking up needed beds. not to mention, testing yesterday was taking about 24hrs to get results, today 48 hrs due to influx, and next week who knows how long... this is pure unadulterated insanity.

Grand Ol Propaganda
Grand Ol Propaganda 5 months

I told people in amerikkka to pay attention when the outbreak happened. They just made a bunch of racist jokes about China, Hong Kong and Korea... It's being maintained now. How's amerikkka doing with the moron in the Whiteyhouse? #FAIL!!!

Herbie Goes Bananas
Herbie Goes Bananas 5 months


Pedro Rodriguez
Pedro Rodriguez 5 months


Batman of Clownworld
Batman of Clownworld 5 months

How many people are rushing to the hospital with allergies or just some bullshit hypochondriac made up Communist Kungflu symptoms eatting up those beds. Also of course other real problems are not going to stop like bone breaks, heart attacks, strokes, etc. And how many of both the real patients and hypochondriacs end up getting the virus?

Grand Ol Propaganda
Grand Ol Propaganda 5 months

Hope most of these a holes get it

Michael Mantion
Michael Mantion 5 months

you mean like china did 10 weeks ago??? I'm shocked..... NOT

..... 5 months

Not only in the us

KOAN. 5 months

No shit

Big Nate
Big Nate 5 months

In the meantime, people are downplaying this.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 5 months

More money from ICU's.

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