Coronavirus update: Over 170,000 cases, Italy records highest one-day deaths

Coronavirus update: Over 170,000 cases, Italy records highest one-day deaths

The COVID-19 infection has now spread across 158 countries and territories around the world with the number of cases at 170,237 and deaths at 6,526. Italy recorded 368 more deaths on Sunday, its biggest one day rise. The country has recorded a total of 24,747 cases. France and Spain joined Italy in imposing lockdowns. In an unprecedented step, the US Fed cut interest rates to essentially zero.

Blaeingr 1 months

With the second oldest average age for a population in the world it is understandable why Italy is experiencing this many deaths.

Pryotra 1 months

Makes sense from a couple perspectives. For Example, rich people are more likely to be old, and more likely to travel internationally. If the virus has been in the wild as early as October, then it's not hard to see those older, traveling demographics hit disproportionately harder.

Forester_ 1 months

Didn't spread quick enough, forgot to spec into transmissions. Is spending all their points on antibacterial resistances. The guy playing this is a newbie.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 1 months

Look up Dr. John Campbell on YT. Good old trustworthy British doc.

i MAGINE 1 months

Who is counting the dead? Have you seen them? China's Whuhan city residents screaming outside their apartment building virus a FAKE all made up!!!

Girthquake 1 months

why is it so bad there?

Jason 1 months

Thats racist!

porcus 1 months

Doesn't the world know that borders are racist?!?

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