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Trump says he is ’strongly considering’ full pardon of Michael Flynn

Trump says he is ’strongly considering’ full pardon of Michael Flynn

President Trump said that he is ’strongly considering’ a full pardon for his former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI during the Russia probe. Trump, in his tweet, claimed that since it’s reported that the FBI has ’lost’ the records of Flynn, he’s is considering pardoning him. It was not immediately clear what records the president was referring to.

flinx101 7 months

Good, he deserves it after the way he was railroaded.

Gradient Flow
Gradient Flow 7 months

I hope so.

Jay 7 months

GREAT CHOICE! This General has done more for his country than the people who attacked him! Crooks like Adam Schitt, Diane Finestine, Nancy Pelosi, Gaven Newsome, Maxine Waters, Jerry Nadless, Bill DeBlazio, AIC, Guiliam, Joe biden, Eric Holder, barrak obama, John Brennan, John clapper, Ben Rhodes, have all done more to hurt Americans combined than General Mike Flynn! FULL PARDON NOW PLEASE MR. President Trump 2020

Pat 7 months

what about assange and snowden

TheCurrentModality 7 months

doooooo eeeeeet ! I can't wait to see the regressives go nuts.

Commodore 7 months

Flynn plead guilty to lying to the FBI about his dealings with Russia and the 2016 elections and, of course, you #WillfullyIgnorantTrumponians think it's a great idea. It's no surprise der Führer Trump is going to pardon Flynn. Lying, crooked politicians need to have each other's backs.

Michael Mantion
Michael Mantion 7 months

the investigation was an abuse of power by the deep states and any false statements were mistakes and did not hinder the investigation. everyone caught up in the investigation should be pardoned.

William 7 months

of course. he gets a pardon from the don.

Phyllis 7 months

tRump is so damn stupid but it doesn't surprise me. it shows what a fool he is.

Otis B Driftwood
Otis B Driftwood 7 months

Without regard to the reasons, now would be a great time to do it. No one is paying attention to anything other than Coronas right now.


As an outsider I don't know the ins and outs of this guy's story, but I have read about Roger Stone which sounds similar. What are the views of Americans over their citizens being treated this way?

Dagoberto 7 months

What about El Chapo?

Grand Ol Propaganda
Grand Ol Propaganda 7 months

🐿️🐿️🐿️ SQUIRREL 🐿️🐿️🐿️

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 7 months

Trump has issued less pardons than any other president.

riheg 7 months

Trump says a lot of things that’s not immediately clear. Or has to be corrected

MrFredag 7 months

Strongly ?

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