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US begins clinical trial for coronavirus vaccine

US begins clinical trial for coronavirus vaccine

The 1st participant in a clinical trial for a vaccine to protect against the coronavirus will receive an experimental dose on Monday. The National Institutes of Health is funding the trial, which is taking place at the Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute in Seattle. The goal is purely to check that the vaccines show no worrisome side effects, setting the stage for larger tests.

Jim Boi
Jim Boi 6 months

Wow market incentives make advances faster than government bureaucrats.

Stephen 6 months

Oh hey look! Expensive R&D that us paid for by Americans so the rest of the world can mooch off of our breakthroughs. Shocker

Up 6 months

Man America sucks. Always solving the problems of the third world. And doing smart stuff. I'm gonna go write a blog post about how racist it is. Peace Comrades!

RJ of Cthulhu
RJ of Cthulhu 6 months

We will cure the Kung Flu and make China pay for it!

The Lemon
The Lemon 6 months

I hear people being like "Yay a cure is in the making, we can all calm down and go back to our normal lives". not realizing this is just the start.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 6 months

The keyword in the title is "begins". It takes a year or so to complete.

Unity.Nat 6 months

Plague Inc game huh

Big Nate
Big Nate 6 months

Now we just need to survive for a year or more.

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 6 months

Hopefully this test is successful.

Prodigal Liberal
Prodigal Liberal 6 months

Lest we forget. WUHAN'S corona virus. In memory of those who died trying to warn the world despite China's cover up.

🌀W_AS 6 months

Wow, this is big. A vaccine for SARS-CoV-2 would also mean they also have a vaccine for the Coronavirus 229E aka the common cold. H-CoV-229E is also another fast moving, highly contagious, quickly mutating virus.

Grand Ol Propaganda
Grand Ol Propaganda 6 months


Marcus 6 months

If they’re putting out vaccines this early that means it’s probably a bio weapon

ThePROFESS10NAL 6 months

I’m good for now. I’ll see how you all do first.

Batman of Clownworld
Batman of Clownworld 6 months

Mr. Jinping you bill comes to 1.2 trillion over 10 years. The amount here is really a lowballing it considering the global economic cost. If we took into consideration; jobs lost, businesses closing, loss of life, property damage by panic and government forced takeover, endless etc. no telling the amount.

Grand Ol Propaganda
Grand Ol Propaganda 6 months

Corona is the choice of spanksters

Dallas 6 months

We already have a cure: Chloroquine

Grand Ol Propaganda
Grand Ol Propaganda 6 months

Coronavirus breaks out in US.... Spanky Bonespurs: I'm so worried about the market....

bad news bear
bad news bear 6 months

ummm, the last I checked there is no vaccine for a virus

John W
John W 6 months

did the Chinese steal this virus from Canadian lab? there was a shipment to China and Chinese lab worker was fired over it. actual facts but of course media still says no evidence this virus was from that shipment, so obviously it's debunked.

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