Jack Ma donates coronavirus test kits to US

Jack Ma donates coronavirus test kits to US

Jack Ma has sent the 1st shipment of surgical masks & coronavirus test kits to US of the 5lacs testing kits & 1mn masks he is promised. He has already donated supplies to other countries including Japan, South Korea, Italy, Iran & Spain, with 2mn masks pledged for distribution across EU. This is similar to Bill Gates & Melinda Gates Foundation aid of $100m to help eradicate spread of the virus.

Commodore 3 weeks

Sad that this dude is doing more to help the US than the "I take no responsibility" der Führer Trump

david dindu
david dindu 3 weeks

its laced w corona

OmegaDMM 3 weeks

Nice that he can so easily get such supplies for every country in need! Just curious though where is he getting it all from? I mean if their factories are running this well now then it obviously means we beat Corona-chan and can get back to watching the real news...the Democratic debates!

JanitorJez Mean Badger
JanitorJez Mean Badger 3 weeks

Trumpy has reduced the USA to depending on charity from billionaires. Four more years! Four more years!

Seekster 3 weeks

Chinese Billionaire donates test kits to the USA without anyone really asking. TDS addled brain: It's Trump's fault! Orange man bad!

Big Nate
Big Nate 3 weeks

Wish I could help like this.

Wholly 3 weeks

Thanks Jack!

Chad Jackson
Chad Jackson 3 weeks

Do we really believe this?

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