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Abrams: Legal audit of votes is continuation of ’insurrection’

Abrams: Legal audit of votes is continuation of ’insurrection’

Failed Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said Thursday on CNN that the Arizona recount of 2020 ballots was ’a continuation of the insurrection.’ Arizona lawmakers voted to audit the election results to ensure the accuracy of their counting methods amongst other things. The state senate subpoenaed 2.1 million ballots & voting machines to be audited by a neutral third party.

O'Brien 0 months

Their fear is obvious.

Pryotra 0 months

And the mask slips. They openly call any attempt to verify the authenticity of the election "insurrection". I guess they know what we'll find.

Rocky 0 months

How dare they validate the election! The audacity of these plebians to actually want to verify that the election was legitimate! Absolutely treasonous! /s

ttocsick 0 months

When it comes to Arizona, Stacey Abrams should mind her own business. What Arizona does, is Arizona's business. We have a forensic audit of Fulton county paper ballots coming up in just weeks, if not days. Audits of paper ballots are in order here in Atlanta, she can sit back and watch the fraud show itself. The paper ballots in Fulton county are fraudulent. That's why the secretary of state here is trying to block the audit of paper ballots. Because they are all fake and that will be shown if the paper ballots are examined for authenticity.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 4 weeks

🤣🤣 ok.... If you are confidant nothing will be found and everything was done legitimately, why be so against this? Just let it happen and it will get those who you view as misleading to admit that they were wrong. Or the opposite and they do find something. Either way, if you want honesty and truth, this shoul'n't be an issue.

jamie 4 weeks

Well the AZ audits show a few interesting let’s go with occurrences. This is sort of like reverse Chauvin. There the left was on the states side and swore that a clearly unfair trial was fair above board open and shut inspite of tons of doubt yet in the end fear and intimidation won out. But in this instance the left is against the state while still yelling oh it was fair secure inspite of plenty of things being found that could call that into question. But we are use to the lying fake a$$ left and the sorry republicans that know it’s time to get off their butts

Green 4 weeks

Same person spent that last two years challenging the governor election results in Georgia because she lost. She has literally said the same things and engaged in the same actions as President Trump.

dan 4 weeks

not respecting an election they say? like calling her gov. abrams even though she lost? dare I say it's the pot calling the....

Jon 4 weeks

Just like her not being a Governor is a continuation of her losing the election? Why is she qualified to speak about anything again?

Old McBundy
Old McBundy 4 weeks

People are still calling a group of unarmed mongoloids being ushered in through the front door an insurrection? Imagine what they would do if an actual armed insurrection took place. If they can’t handle Insurrectile Dysfunction, what are the going to do when a real, raging, rock hard insurrection comes to fruition?

Samuel 0 months

Can there be a law that bars people from other states to stop sending money to elections they aren’t involved in. Honestly let Arizona count and stop getting involved in a state when your state has said “Jim crow” election laws. Do you not care about your people Stacey?

eggstinater 4 weeks

It is a continuation, its all still part of Trump's Big Lie. There was no election fraud, there won't be any found except for that caused by the people screwing up the re-re-recount

Dewey 4 weeks

She is disgusting, a sore loser and a liar. There were by all accounts a couple hundred thousand American patriots present in Washington on January 6. A few hundred of them acted unwisely and unfortunately rioted. There were a few broken windows, a few broken doors… And a few hours later Congress is back in session. The building was neither burned nor looted. Fact. To call this an insurrection is the height of folly, for it would be the worst attempted overthrow of a governing body in the history of mankind.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 4 weeks

Why does anyone listen to the bag of hot air that goes by the name Stacey Abrams? Can't they find someone with at least a tiny bit of credibility to shore up the failing narrative?

T 4 weeks

Yet for traitorous reasons, democrats refuse to acknowledge Blm and antifa murders of cops for over a year as insurrection. As well as attacking and burning police stations and Ice facility for over a year as insurrection. The democrats avoid to point out that their terrorists are still not finished killing innocent people until today. Black on Asian crimes is not being addressed.

Jon 0 months

I was dying laughing, they got some guy in a cowboy hat walking around with a radio jammer lol, they had to move the recount from the gym to this building next to the toilets at the fair lol. Searching for pieces of bamboo in the ballots. Complete sham.

Elaine 4 weeks

It's all BS and everyone knows it, even AZ Republicans. It's all based on a fucking lie by a drug addict, and narcissistic sociopath. This was no where near a close election. Now Cyberjunkie wants sensitive information like passwords, which would provide them with all of the people's private information in that county, not allowing electors in the room, who are now getting serious death threats by Trump sycophants, because there were no problems found in the what 4th audit, and Trump is not the President anymore. Republicans have gone full fascist, passing voting laws, based on lies, that are meant to suppress as many votes as possible in black, and poor communities. We now know Trump's campaign was working with Russia in the 2016, and 2020 election that Bill Barr buried. The 5th and final Senate Intelligence Committee's report issued criminal referrals for Donnie Jr. and Kushner, which Bill Barr buried. They didn't care about election security prior to the 2020 election, when the house sent 3 bills to the Senate regarding election security, which Mitch McConnell killed. You can call Trump a Republican all you want, but he is not a conservative, and his desire is to be a dictator. I imagine that's part of the reason why the US's ranking in the world's democracies has dropped from a "full democracy" to a "flawed democracy" in 2020. Americans are supposed to be loyal to our constitution, not a President, but that wasn't good enough for Trump, so Trump loyalists targeted Trump's enemies in Government. There was no deep state crap, except for the shadow government that Trump was creating, trying to give himself more power by saying he can do anything he wants, and weakening our checks and balances system. Republicans did nothing but coddle, and let Trump run amok, during his Presidency, and still to this day. Maybe people are to ignorant to understand how dangerous this is for our country, and the world. Now Trump has moved on to talking about Michigan, and making ridiculous comments like "if diamonds are stolen from a jewelry store, they get the diamonds back" because he is delusional to think he should get the WH back, when it's not Trump's house, and 81 million people don't want him there, which sure in hell beats 74 million. Imagine, a President who wanted maga maniacs to hang his Vice Presidential, and shoot the Speaker of the House in the head, like a 3rd world country. Even Sydney Powell argued that "her earlier claims that Dominion was involved in an orchestrated voter fraud effort were so outrageous that “reasonable people would not accept such statements as fact". We have had Presidents, both Democrat, and Republican, who have done horrible things, but none have been as bad as what Trump has done to this country. Republicans seem to be throwing reason, and democracy, out the window. :

Yankee 4 weeks

She must think we are as dumb as she is . I have chickens smarter then her .

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 4 weeks

Hey, Stacy. Speaking of elections, did you concede your loss yet? Maybe you should do that before telling other states how to run their elections.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 0 months

She is not wrong.

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