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Economy might be in recession, says Trump

Economy might be in recession, says Trump

President Donald Trump predicted that the coronavirus crisis could last through August, and also said that the United States economy might currently be in the midst of a recession. The market plunged by nearly 30,000 points on Monday despite rate cuts by the Fed on Sunday.

nsmith2016 4 months

-30% in a month

Michael Mantion
Michael Mantion 4 months

it will be in recession. but not for 2 quarters. a recession is 2 consecutive quarters of declining GDP. I think q1 will be a bit negative and q2 will be a lot negative. IF q1 stays positive and q1 is horrible than we will be positive and thus not a recession.

Carol 4 months

REALLY?!! And just how did you surmise if the rest of us didn't already see this coming!

Barry 4 months


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