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Canada shuts borders to most non-citizens in bid to slow COVID-19 spread

Canada shuts borders to most non-citizens in bid to slow COVID-19 spread

In a bid to stem the flow of COVID-19 into Canada, Prime Minister Trudeau closed the nation’s borders to most non-citizens on Monday. Exemptions were made for US citizens, diplomats, and individuals engaged in trade. The move is an abrupt reversal of prior policy, and comes after heavy criticism from provincial governments and citizens.

Ryan M
Ryan M
Ryan M
Ryan M 5 months

PM Trudeau and Canada's chief medical officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, have been saying for weeks that "the science doesn't support" the idea that closing borders has any effect on reducing infection rates, which is of course ridiculous. The premiers and Canadian citizens have been pressuring Trudeau for weeks to take action on the borders to keep the virus from entering our country, and his only reply was to say that the suggestion is "xenophobic." For her part, Dr. Tam wagged her finger at Canadians, scolding us for being racist by saying the words "Wuhan" and "virus" in the same sentence. It wasn't until the European Union moved to shut its borders--an action tragically delayed until it was far too late--that Trudeau, following behind like a little puppy, finally came out of his Rideau cottage to announce Canada's intention to do the same. Canada's leadership has never been so weak. Not in the history of confederation has a Canadian Prime Minister been so cowardly, so ineffectual, and so thoroughly controlled by larger and more potent foreign entities. His weakness has now directly cost Canadian lives, and its cost to the Canadian economy has been almost incalculable. Trudeau's weakness has compromised national security as well, not just Canada's but also that of the United States. Trudeau's drama-class roleplaying of a world leader must be brought to an end. He must be removed. As Prime Minister he is a danger to Canadians and Americans alike.

R0411 5 months

Wait, I thought only racists defend their borders. This cannot be right.

Dank Duck
Dank Duck 5 months

Government spent the first 3 months of this pandemic literally attacking its own citizens with racism accusation anytime they brought up the public health risk, being puppets by globalist or China. Odd that now they are forced to do the thing they accused others as doing? Modern Liberals/leftists are really a parasite in society. They only rot the institutions out from within whenever they take over. Every institution/place that had a leftist leadership or control in the last 10 years is crumbling. Media, eduction, trade, public health, entertainment, etc. You name it, they have f**ked it up.

Foofie Dumplings
Foofie Dumplings 5 months

Wow! I've always suspected Trudeau was a Nazi!

cam s
cam s 5 months

Wow! The Prime minister of Canada is really taking the coronavirus seriously! The new testing methods are being done without even leaving your house! No hospital or office visit necessary! All you have to do is mail a sample of your stool to: Justin Trudeau 24 Sussex Dr, Ottawa, ON K1M 1M4

Rational ific
Rational ific 5 months

Trudeau is now more racist than Trump. Both closed borders. Trudeau also wore blackface. Advantage Trump.

Tin Ego
Tin Ego 5 months

Evil borders

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 5 months

I am sure he is about to pass quota laws to ensure that women get infected by the exact same rate as men do! Because it's 2020!

KeybladeMasterAndy 5 months

good. I wasn't sure if Canada was doing anything.

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