Google’s coronavirus website rollout delayed

Google’s coronavirus website rollout delayed

Google has delayed the rollout of an informational coronavirus website until later this week. The informational website was targeted for a Monday launch, as per CEO Sundar Pichai. Google said Monday it will not launch the site until it can provide users with additional information that is not yet available.

James Villalobos
James Villalobos 3 weeks

Trump's mistake: trusting a far-left run company like Alphabet to do its job.

TheCurrentModality 3 weeks

And the far-left cheer.

John Wilson
John Wilson 3 weeks

Google is doing pretty good for something they know nothing about and that does not exist according to the MSM.

MrFredag 3 weeks

But Trump said it was just about to start... This has to be mistake. Trump has never been wrong.

Carol 3 weeks

Suspicious, hmmm?!!

Jake 3 weeks

If you think you have the virus just send a stool sample to Gavin Newsom and they’ll test it for you.

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