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Rockets strike Iraq base hosting US troops

Rockets strike Iraq base hosting US troops

Iraq’s military has said two rockets struck a training base where US-led coalition troops and NATO trainers are present south of Baghdad. This is the third such attack in the span of a week. The projectiles landed in an area that includes agricultural land and a factory. No further details were provided.

IIZard 7 months

Iran must really want the US to stay

npc8472 7 months

We need some shock and awe air support.

Kyle G
Kyle G 7 months

Their people must really be thinking *uhhh what are you guys doing? Can we stop pissing them off?*

TheCurrentModality 7 months

in the immortal words if will smith, "don't start no shit, won't be no shit'

TheMadDane 7 months

Geez don't they know the world has been put on hold for coronapocoplypse!?

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd 7 months

so when are we going to go-to war ? a recession and a war oh man things are getting ugly quick.

Biden is Your Choice?
Biden is Your Choice? 7 months

They're doing it now because they think the military won't make a move in them with travel ban. Little do they know, the military is still training and is able to move if needed. Don't flex on someone that is bigger than you.

OttersGonnaOtt 7 months

Maybe it's not the best of ideas to pester the gun toting badasses while the whole of your fighting force is being buried in mass graves, Iran.

Biden is Your Choice?
Biden is Your Choice? 7 months

I love that they keep launching these rockets that aren't doing anything. You'd think after almost 20 years of war with us they would have come up with more efficient ways of attack. We certainly did.

Robert 7 months

non partisan my balls. all right wing !

Robert 7 months

we all hate trump!!!

Randall 7 months

Let's just get the hell out of their back yard!

Frederick 7 months


_tallman 7 months

keep poking the bear...

Big Nate
Big Nate 7 months

I say let's leave and the virus will wipe them out.

Randall 7 months

This sounds like something the CIA would say to manufacture consent for more war.

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