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US faces ’severe blood shortage’ as coronavirus outbreak cancels blood drives

US faces ’severe blood shortage’ as coronavirus outbreak cancels blood drives

The American Red Cross, which supplies about 40% of the nation’s blood, says because of the restrictions placed due to the coronavirus outbreak, donor drives across the country have been cancelled ’at an alarming rate’ and the organization now faces a ’severe blood shortage.’As of Tuesday, 2,700 Red Cross blood drives have been cancelled, resulting in approximately 86,000 fewer blood donations.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 7 months

It might be a sneaky way to get tested for the virus... if there were test kits available.

Skeptic 7 months

They already are facing shortages in some places at least

Fin 7 months

It's not a blood born path.. It's about social distancing

Carisa D
Carisa D 7 months

But they aren’t testing the blood for the cvirus... so how exactly will that work?

riheg 7 months

I’m guessing the genius Trump didn’t foresee this

Fin 7 months

U get screened... temp taken n n other such n u answer questions.. U get a no go if u are outside parameters n hello covid19 isn't not a blood borne pathogen like hep c hep b chagas babsiosis or hiv.... So no u don't get around the test criteria for covid19... If u feel good n got time go make apt n go to ur stationary bloodbank n give a pint... If u don't feel good u never ever should show up to give blood.... Can bet u a blood donor center is one of cleanest most wiped down locations u ever go beside a dental office.... Don't freak... Donate if u can but do it wisely by appointment only... Blood donor center techs n phlebotomists have been long long long trained n heavily federal inspected since the hiv crisis from. The eighties.... They set the standards in so many ways to deliver u best safest products in the world thanks to great responsible blood donors... N they need u always.... They operate under cfr fed regs and American association of blood bankers... Best minds in all of blood banking.... N thank God for the red cross... They always need u but they need u to remember social distancing not swarming at bllod bank centers

Crimson Jester
Crimson Jester 7 months


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