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China Expels journalists from US publications

China Expels journalists from US publications

China has expelled journalists from 3 major US outlets: The New York Times, The Washington Post & The Wall Street Journal. These journalists would not be permitted to report from China, nor from the semi-autonomous territories of Hong Kong or Macau. Additionally, the 3 media outlets, Voice of America & Time magazine, are to submit info about staff, finances, operations & and real estate in China.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 7 months

Totalitarian regime 101 tactics.

Up 7 months

Remember when they said Trump was persecuting the Press or whatever bc he took away Jim Acosta's pass for a week? 😂😂😂😂 That was one journalist and Trump put up with him for months. Welcome to actual Press censorship bitch ass journos.

Marcus Rogers
Marcus Rogers 7 months

Commies do, as commies does.

The King In Yellow
The King In Yellow 7 months

sounds about right

Lev !🇺🇸 MINISTRY OF TRUTH 7 months

I have a feeling that the next PULITZER worthy story is in China, and when the extent of CCP Cover up as well as under-reporting of MORTALITY rates hits the fan... Absolutely nothing will happen - because it's China and everyone grows up a good member of communist party.

npc8472 7 months

We need to just cut ties with China. Put them on a blacklist.

porcus 7 months

Guess those journalists better Learn to Code.

Watheverable GRAMPS
Watheverable GRAMPS 7 months

"How dare your president accurately say the deadly new flu came from China? What are we paying you "news agencies" for? " - Communist China

Don'tbackNV 7 months


Don'tbackNV 7 months

Of course because they don't want people actually reporting on China not totally recovering from the virus that they supposedly did in fact what they're doing is still putting people into the oven I mean incinerator well not that much of a difference really ,who's up for Chinese?!

Fin 7 months

Scared they may uncover the source as being off a commercial fish shrimp farm

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 7 months

Stop the pandemic panic. Declare National Disaster. Restrict information as a security issue.

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