Mnuchin: Individuals will be able to defer up to $1M in tax payments

Mnuchin: Individuals will be able to defer up to $1M in tax payments

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced on Tuesday that the April 15 deadline for Americans to file their income taxes will now allow individuals who owe money to the IRS to defer payment up to $1 million with no interest or penalty fee for 90 days. He said that corporations would be able to defer up to $10 million in tax payments.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 months

Can we all do a collective ahhhhhhhhhhh.....

Randall 2 months

Those poor millionaires need those tax deferments! How will they possibly survive not having gobs of money pouring in while the rest of us low-lifes have nothing? I guess they feel if you already have Nothing, you have nothing to lose. Let's all get together and give everything we've got to the poor millionaires! Or perhaps we should just gather them all up and move them to some island with all their cash and leave them to fend for themselves. I wonder how well they would survive on their own with all their cash and each other.

Grand Ol Propaganda
Grand Ol Propaganda 2 months

Spanky Bonespurs is trying very hard to create a "good look" after his horrible bungling of the coronavirus.

Politicians are Hacks
Politicians are Hacks 2 months

I would much more prefer this than that $1k check. This makes sense, the check doesn't.

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