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West Virginia records 1st case of coronavirus

West Virginia records 1st case of coronavirus

West Virginia has recorded its 1st case of the novel coronavirus making it the 50th state in the US to have a confirmed case of the disease. The patient is in the Eastern Panhandle, which is close to Washington, D.C., but the specific county has not been disclosed. On backdrop of this all state restaurants, bars & casinos are to close, but food services will remain available.

TheCurrentModality 6 months

WE should definitely be paying attention to southern states. Temperature and Humidity are both claimed to kill/halt the spread of the virus.

Fin 6 months

Wait til testing comes in... The numbers at first will scare folks but it's a start to get great data n reckon where n how to combat this... Wva could not escape it forever but hopeful the good folks there will fast get it slowed down n under control

Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 6 months

Damn. My family was hoping it would stay clear of the virus so we could relocate there.

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